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  • Layer List - The Layer List widget provides a list of operational layers and their symbols, and allows you to turn individual layers on and off.

  • Select - The Select widget enables you to interactively select features on the map and take actions on the selected features. 

  • Buffer - The Incident Analysis widget allows you to locate an incident on the map and analyze information from different feature layers within a specified distance of the incident.

  • Bookmark - The Bookmark widget stores a collection of map view extents (that is, spatial bookmarks) displayed in the app.

  • Measurement - The Measurement widget allows you to measure the area of a polygon or length of a line, or find the coordinates of a point.

  • Draw - The Draw widget allows you to create graphics that display on the map. You can also use it to add line distance or polygon area to the feature as text.

  • Print - The Print widget connects the web app with a printing service to allow the current map to print. 

  • Identify - The Identify Widget serves as a means to retrieve attributes for the identified features in your map.

  • Filter - The Filter widget allows you to limit the visibility of features in a layer.

  • Search Parcels - The Enhanced Search widget allows you to retrieve information from source data by executing a predefined query(s).