Community Development Staff

Community development Staff
Kevin Snyder, AICP, Director of Community Development 760-541-4255

Building & Safety Division
Plans Examiners
Luis Cerros, Supervising Plans Examiner 760-541-4201
Sal Lujan, Plans Examiner  760-541-4211
 Building & Safety Inspectors
Ruben Franz, Building Inspector Supervisor

Office: 760-541-4210

Cell: 760-427-6179

Thomas Wilberts, Building Inspector II

Office: 760-541-4209

Cell: 760-625-2198

Paul Winkler, Building Inspector II

Office: 760-541-4205

Cell: 760-578-7299

 Permit Technicians
Veronica Lopez, Permit Technician II 760-391-4088
Elsa Ramos-Ibarra, Permit Technician I 760-391-4142
Housing & Neighborhood Programs Division
Jesus Gomez, Housing Programs Manager 760-541-4425
Juan Rodriguez, Development Analyst 760-391-4028
Yanel Ramirez, Management Analyst 760-541-4253
Planning Division
 Jesse Jimenez, Assistant Planner 760-391-4064
 Maribel Covarrubias, Assistant Planner 760-391-4016
 Jesus Huerta, Contract Planning Technician 760-541-4252
 Public Art and Historic Preservation