City Manager

Bryan Montgomery, City Manager
100 Civic Center Mall
Indio, CA. 92201

As with most California cities, the City of Indio’s municipal government operates under the City Council-Manager form of government.  The City Council appoints and supervises a City Manager, who serves as the full-time Chief Executive Officer of the City and Executive Director of the Indio Water Authority.  The City Manager serves as policy and financial advisor to the City Council, prepares the annual budget and implements Council goals and objectives.  His primary responsibility is to oversee the day-to-day operations of the City by working closely with the City’s Executive Team in provision of services relating to public safety, community development, public works and utilities, parks and trails, economic development and support services. 



Bryan Montgomery's Biography

Mr. Montgomery has a Bachelor’s of Art in International Government Relations and a Master’s degree in Public Administration both from Brigham Young University.  Mr. Montgomery is a life-long public servant with 28 years of experience in local government.  He comes to Indio from the City of Oakley, California, a full-service city with its own police department, where he has been the City Manager since 2005 and previous to that position, he was the City Manager in Mesquite Nevada for 7 years. 

In Oakley, he took the reins of a newly incorporated city and worked to implement strategies that lead to business attraction, job creation and revitalization.  For example, he implemented a comprehensive economic development strategic plan which included a downtown revitalization program. He was also instrumental in the redevelopment of a former Dupont chemical plant which now serves as a 150+ acre logistics center with over 2 million square feet of buildings including an Amazon Hub and Fulfillment Center which opened in late 2020 that will bring more than 2,500 jobs to the region. Recognizing that there was a high percentage of home-based business entrepreneurs, Mr. Montgomery led his team to create an “Entrepreneur Center.”  This center was designed to help meet the challenges faced by entrepreneurs that lack office space and meeting rooms by providing fully-furnished space to accommodate up to 15 businesses as well as providing business workshops, coaching and networking activities.  Finally, Mr. Montgomery was instrumental in lobbying Washington, DC for a future Amtrak station which will now include a stop in Oakley on the commuter rail line between two major Northern California cities.  The City of Indio benefits from this background and Mr. Montgomery will bring a level of confidence that potential business investors and developer applicants will find compelling in their business decision-making.  

With respect to fostering community on behalf of the city, Mr. Montgomery worked to create a grant funded program called “You, Me, We Oakley!” in collaboration with its schools, businesses, congregations and community-based organizations.  The program aims to create opportunities for diverse residents to come together to better understand one another, appreciate each other’s stories and recognize their common desire to build a stronger, safer and more vibrant community.  Mr. Montgomery is the “You, Me, We Oakley!” co-founder and the city provides a variety of programs including police mentoring to engage high school students regarding law enforcement and the “Academia de Liderazgo” a free leadership academy where participants have the opportunity to learn about the daily operations and processes of the city in Spanish. 

In addition, Mr. Montgomery is an Adjunct Professor at San Francisco State University, speaks Spanish and periodically lectures in Latin America for the International City/County Management Association, the leading organization of local government professionals. In 2015 he was honored with the Volunteer of the Year Award by VEGA (Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance) for his more than 15 years of pro-bono assistance to ICMA’s Mexico office where he conducted field visits to provide technical assistance to multiple cities and participated in workshops and other events to promote professional local government management. 

Mr. Montgomery’s start date with the City of Indio was May 13, 2021 and he is already an enthusiastic resident of Indio!

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