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Revitalization plan unveiled for Indio Marketplace

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, representatives for the Haagen Company presented their preliminary plans at a joint meeting of the City Council and Planning Commission for the revitalization of the Indio Fashion Mall, now known as the Indio Marketplace. The Indio Marketplace project site is approximately 40 acres in size and is located south of Highway 111, north of John Nobles Avenue, east of Monroe Street and west of Rubidoux Street.

The revitalization plans call for exterior and interior improvements to the existing mall, the addition of an outdoor festival space on the south side of the mall and development of a linear park and amphitheater connecting to John Nobles Avenue. The architectural theme for the exterior is mid-century modern with use of bright colors. The revitalization plans also call for the construction of a hotel and other retail/restaurant uses, building of up to 250 new multi-family residential units and new and updated landscaping, parking and signage.

The Nov. 17 meeting was a presentation and discussion only. During the meeting, City staff explained that there will be multiple opportunities for public input while the City processes the required entitlements for the proposed Indio Marketplace project. In addition, City staff will be conducting early community engagement with residents, property owners and businesses in the area surrounding the project site.

Please click here to view the Haagen Company’s presentation.

Please click here to watch the video for the Nov. 17 meeting.