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Plug in at Indio City Hall

Give your Volt a jolt at Indio's two new electric vehicle charging stations. The two dual port level 2 ChargePoint stations were installed in October, and will be ready for public use within the next two weeks, allowing for up to four vehicles to charge at one time.

The ChargePoint stations are available on the Smurr Street side of the parking lot directly east of City Hall, and initially will provide up to four hours of free charging per vehicle each day.

The charging stations were funded through a combination of grant funding and funds allocated through AB 2766, which are distributed to cities to reduce mobile air source pollution.

“These chargers support EV infrastructure in city areas so you can top off your EV while taking care of business around town,” said Sara Toyoda, Environmental Programs Coordinator.

The charging stations will complement the existing stations located at the Walmart on Ave. 42 and Tesla stations on Jackson Street.