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All Linked up in Indio: CV Link Update

Recently the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) took its biggest steps forward in the development of CV Link, clearing the way for the construction of nearly 20 miles of the Link in 2020.

Progress includes awarding a number of construction related contracts, totalling more than $52 million. CV Link is a more than 40 mile path through the Coachella Valley for walking, bicycling, or riding in low-speed electric vehicles, such as golf carts.

This construction award in late October includes about 5.7 miles in the City of Indio, all along the top of the stormwater channel levee. The construction plans would build out nearly the entire stretch between Jefferson Street and Golf Center Parkway. CVAG continues to negotiate the right of way with Union Pacific Railroad for a short, less than half-mile stretch along the route.

CVAG is hoping to break ground in December 2020, but the construction schedule is dependent on how quickly the contractor can get crews mobilized. CVAG will have multiple sites under construction at the same time. The total buildout will be 18-24 months.

The vote to award the contract was supported by Mayor Glenn Miller, who is CVAG's Chairman this year and led the meeting. Mayor Pro Tem Elaine Holmes also voted in support as the City’s representative on the CVAG Transportation Committee.

People can follow the progress of the CV Link on this interactive website.