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Indio thanks residents and business partners for efforts during Census

Now that 2020 Census has officially finished collecting responses, the City of Indio would like to thank its residents and businesses for their participation in the process.

With the assistance of U.S. Census workers, City staff spent countless hours canvassing low-response neighborhoods, explaining the importance of enumeration, and assuring residents of the safety and anonymity of their responses. But the “final countdown” was greatly helped through the participation of numerous retailers who allowed the use of storefronts or parking lot space for Census Help Pop-ups. These Mobile Questionnaire Assistance sites provided a place where concerns or questions could be addressed, and Census workers could help residents in-person.

In particular, the City of Indio would like to thank El Tigre Holding Corporation at the Towne & Country Shopping Center, Red Mountain Group at the Indio Towne Center, and Lundin Development Company at the Showcase at Indio Shopping Center.

Outreach was especially tough this year because of the pandemic and changing Census response deadlines, however, through the cooperation of all involved, Indio was able to improve its response rate to 54.6%.  This is a 1.5% increase over the last month, and 5.7% increase over the last two months. With an estimated population of about 91,000 residents, and an estimated “return” of federal funding to Indio of $2,000 per person/per year, that 5.7% means hundreds of thousands of dollars will come back to our community in the form of improved healthcare, education, programs and infrastructure.

For additional information about Indio’s final response rate, and how these Census figures are used, please visit the link below: