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City Manager's Message - October 2020

Dear Indio Neighbors,

I promised myself I am going to write this month’s column without complaining about the Covid challenges, serious though they may be. And I promised to avoid any comment about the trauma that is election season! I do want to say, however, how grateful I am that we live in a community where such capable people step up to run for elected office. And not only our elected officials. We have very talented people working as volunteers for governments, our schools, medical community and nonprofits. Modern day barn raisers!

So with that opening, what I really want to do is pivot to say thank you to our business community. This has been such a bizarre year (is that a complaint?) because businesses considered “essential” have had heavy workloads, often working heroically to serve us. While so many of our other businesses (many of which are vital to our quality of life) have been shuttered and fighting for survival. Now that the State is allowing some level of reopening, I hope all of us will do our best to support these vital businesses that have suffered so badly. These businesses constitute the heart and soul of a community — they serve our basic needs and create character and authenticity. Please support them.

Meanwhile, all of us at City Hall plead with the public to exercise extreme discipline in observing safety protocols. If we fail to do that, we risk another spike and another shutdown, which could be devastating to these businesses.

That’s my message for October. This is a great time of year. Let us remember to enjoy that which is so right in Indio. And #1 on my list of what is right in Indio is all of you. We appreciate you and your very special families. Be safe, be kind.

With great respect,
Mark Scott
City Manager