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IPD rolls out new dispatch and records management system

Since 2018, the Indio Police Department has been working to replace its 22 year old, Computer-Aided Dispatch/Records Management System (CAD/RMS). A CAD/RMS system is the backbone of a modern police department, that helps manage everything from sending officers to calls for service, to case management, data research and report writing for case filings. Due to advances in technology, as well as ever-increasing demands on police departments, our 22 year old CAD/RMS system could no longer meet our needs. After months of evaluating several vendors that specialize in CAD/RMS systems for police agencies, and with the assistance of an outside project manager and the approval of Indio’s City Council, SOMA Global was selected as our new CAD/RMS computer system.  
SOMA Global will help streamline police services by connecting to other cloud based systems, providing multiple system interfaces, and interoperability with other local agencies in order to promptly compile data research. This will reduce the current time needed to conduct investigations and write reports. It will also provide advanced analytics for crime analysis, performance metrics, and real-time crime trends. These resources will also assist our officers with solving crimes in a more efficient manner, allowing them more time to patrol our streets.
“This upgrade will enhance our 9-1-1 services and how the public connects to our dispatch center," said Indio PD Dispatch Supervisor Lori Brown, who serves on the southern California regional committee for the state Next Generation 911 project. "SOMA Global will help us connect our dispatching software with the State’s NextGen911 cloud based 911 services that will be implemented statewide by 2021. The new CAD/RMS will also easily adapt to future technology updates and changes, enabling us to stay up to date with current trends.”
SOMA Global is a cloud-based system, with a projected department-wide implementation timeline of six to nine months, which is half the installation time of other traditional software programs. The Indio Police Department’s motto is “Our Community…Our Commitment” and we look forward to bringing the public safety benefits of innovative, real-time data effectiveness to the citizens of Indio as we move forward our new SOMA Global CAD/RMS system.