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City Manager's Message - July 2020

Dear Indio Neighbors,

I am sorry to say my City Manager column will be brief this month.  Right before I’d have written it last week, I was afflicted by what is I believe, my 18th kidney stone — and regrettably the first I was unable to pass on my own. So I ended up in the hospital for two days getting GREAT medical care. But I lost all interest in doing writing! A kidney stone will do that to you!

So while I feel better about life now, I cannot hold up the important news in this newsletter any longer. Thus, a short column.

We are all very concerned about the ongoing increases in COVID-19 cases. Please, please be careful. Wear the masks unless you are among the few who cannot for medical reasons. Wear them not because you are ordered to, but because it is the right thing to do. And please try to avoid crowds. After being in the hospital for two days I have an even greater appreciation for the brave, dedicated souls among us who are doing medical and other first line services. These are the people getting exposed the most. We owe them so much!

Count me among those who are unhappy by the use of illegal fireworks in our community. It is stupid and crazy that so many people think this is OK. We will keep looking for ways to enforce this more effectively. We had some successes this year, but not enough. And our poor pets! I appreciate that people were looking for fun and patriotism after a terrible three months. I am just disappointed that people choose to do it with illegal fireworks that so much of the population is offended by.

The good news again this week is that business investment is still knocking at Indio’s door. We have hope for our economic future. This is a tough time, but your belief in your community is a huge part of the equation. Investors like to choose communities that believe in themselves. We do and it shows. And it sells. 

As we go forward with our economic development opportunities, one of our City Council's primary goals is that the benefits of this investment need to include equitable distribution across our entire community. No city can claim to be a great community if neighborhoods are left behind. It is an important goal that we want to keep focused on this year as we work to build back an economy that serves the whole community!

We wish you and your families a safe and sane Summer full of great family and community caring. Thank you for being the best Indio we can be.

Mark Scott
City Manager