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Heritage Palms woman to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame

Golf fans the world over may know Susie Maxwell Berning for winning 11 times on the pro circuit, including four majors. But they may not know her as an Indio resident, and soon, as one of only four golfers to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame, class of 2021.

Maxwell Berning lives at Heritage Palms, and despite her successes, or maybe because of them, continues to teach within the Coachella Valley. "We have great weather here. It's a great place to live - although maybe we don't want to tell too many people," she says with a laugh.

The Commissioner of the LPGA called Maxwell Berning to tell her about the World Golf Hall of Fame. After being nominated in 2018, she says she didn't think she would be considered for the honor again.  

"I was totally shocked," Maxwell Berning says, adding that architect Marion Hollins, former PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem and Tiger Woods are the other three members of the 2021 class. "Some of my best friends are in the World Golf Hall of Fame. It's such an honor to be recognized alongside them."

Like Woods, Maxwell Berning has won three U.S. Open titles, "Although I won them all before he was even born," she says.

Because of difficulty in scheduling large events, Maxwell Berning doesn't know exactly when the induction ceremony will take place, but it could be as early as June of 2021. Ceremonies occur only once every two years.

The city of Indio also plans to recognize Maxwell Berning at a future event.