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City Manager's Message - August 2019

Dear Neighbors,

Tuesday night (August 6), despite ”toasty atmospheric conditions,” we celebrated National Night Out in Downtown Indio. NNO is a nationwide event, sponsored by local law enforcement agencies throughout America. It is a pure celebration of community. For whatever unexplainable reason, August 6 is the date that is celebrated every year, and contrary to what might be expected in the swelter of summer, neighbors do show up. Quite frankly, it has been one of my favorite nights of the year in the seven cities where I have served as City Manager. Tuesday in Indio was no exception.

We had something on the order of 500 people show up for National Night Out, one day after a 121-degree temperature was recorded in the Coachella Valley! We were lucky that it only reached 107 during our event. But we had a great time. We had great food trucks, Police K-9s, the City SWAT team vehicle, booth displays from many of the amazing Indio nonprofit and government agencies that do so much to serve us, and, of course, the officers and staff from our remarkable Indio Police Department. All of these people work every day to make Indio the kind of community people love to live in. I thank them all for showing up.

I want to issue a special thanks to Tim Uschyk and his family from E&E Pel’s Italian Ices for providing 300 free coupons for their delicious lemon or orange ice drinks. The right man at the right place on August 6! There are too many people to thank by name, so I just want to say literally and figuratively that we all experienced the warmth of a pretty amazing community.

So, I am celebrating my 2-year anniversary as City Manager in Indio. I thank the City Council and all of you for making it possible for me to enjoy this rewarding role. We are tremendously busy at City Hall, thanks to the many development and community-building opportunities we cover in these newsletters. It is a great time to be City Manager in Indio.

Further, my wife and I are also moving our home to Indio. We have been renting a house outside the City for the last 4 years, closer to where my wife works. We are very happy now to be moving to Indio. I always like to live in the communities I manage, so I am eager to get moved here fulltime. I hope to see you in the grocery stores, at the school events and in the parks. If you see me someplace, please stop me to say hello. I don’t do Facebook or any of those online forums. I’d rather meet you in person. Or send me an email. I will respond!

Happy August in Indio,

Mark Scott