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Help Prevent Mosquito Growth in the Valley

It’s mosquito season and the city is asking the public to do all they can to prevent mosquito breeding in their neighborhoods and to report increased mosquito activity.

Prevent mosquitoes around your home:

Inspect yards for standing water sources and drain water that may have collected under potted plants, in bird baths, discarded tires, and any other items that could collect water.
Check your rain gutters and lawn drains to make sure they aren’t holding water and debris.
Clean and scrub bird baths and pet watering dishes weekly.
Check and clean any new potted plant containers that you bring home because they may have Aedes aegypti eggs. The eggs can remain viable in dry areas for months.

Please contact the Coachella Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District at (760) 342-8287 to report mosquito problems, request mosquitofish, and report neglected pools or standing water where mosquitoes breed. Visit us online at to obtain more information and submit service requests.