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City of Indio to Enhance Roadways for Bicyclists

As an increasing number of visitors are biking in and around the City of Festivals, Indio has recognized the need to enhance its roadways for bicyclists and will move forward with two bike lane improvement projects this spring.

The Avenue 48 Bike Lane Improvements Project will provide for restriping of Avenue 48 for four lanes with buffered bike lanes from Jefferson Street to Calle Diamante and from Oasis Street to Jackson Street. Avenue 48 from Calle Diamante to Oasis Street will be restriped to include standard bike lanes. The Calhoun Street Improvement Project will directly address existing bicycle and pedestrian safety issues by restriping Calhoun Street for two lanes with bike lanes and on-street parking. Improvements will also include widening the roadway section south to Dr. Carreon Boulevard and installing the missing sidewalk links.

“Many residents and visitors attending festivals and other events in the city oftentimes prefer biking as their mode of transportation, and it’s also a popular form of recreation in Indio,” said Mayor Michael Wilson. “This project will not only make it safer for bicyclists to enjoy our beautiful weather and scenic views, it will encourage increased biking in Indio which will help reduce traffic and improve air quality, as well.”

The Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) will assist in funding these projects through its Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Program. Both of Indio’s proposed bike lane improvement projects met the program’s criteria, and therefore CVAG will fund 75% of the projects’ costs.

The Avenue 48 Bike Lane Improvements Project and the Calhoun Street Improvements Project are slated to begin May 2018. For more information, contact Toyen Blake, Assistant Engineer, at (760) 391-4068 or