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First Stop: Tiki Bar

It all starts with the Tiki Bar. Travel behind the beer gardens and walk through the “jungle” into an almost secretive (Don’t tell anyone, oh wait…) tiki experience. As you enter, you are welcomed with the classic tiki décor, from fishing nets to barrels and alluring coffee tables to enjoy your visit.  

The music brings you back to the islands of Hawaii with the lulling sound of the ukulele and hypnotizing melodies of island relaxation. Pairing with the mesmerizings rhythms, everyone can indulge in the relaxing views and sounds of the surrounding lagoon’s fountains. Filled with trees, bridges and striking greenery, the Tiki Bar offers the ultimate experience in tranquility and fun. If you can catch the right angle, you can experience a beautiful rainbow within the raining water of the fountain. Who doesn’t love a rainbow? 

And for the main act: the signature drinks. The head bartender has created unique drinks specific to Desert Oasis to not only treat your palate, but to bring the true Desert Oasis experience at the Tiki Bar to life. Created with the Mai Tai in mind, the Blue Lagoon is filled with Pyrat Rum, Blue Curacao, coconut water, orange juice and pineapple juice and this drink was created to bring in the surrounding lagoons to life in a drink’s form. It’s a wonderful drink to grab for those really wanting to take in the views. Next up is the Tiki Bar’s version of Jungle Juice: Rum-ble Juice. This drink includes Pyrat Rum, Triple Sec, lime juice, pineapple and cranberry juice. It is a truly refreshing drink that embraces the “oasis” mindset. Last but certainly not least, we bring to you the signature cocktail of the event: Up In Smoke. This drink confuses your palate in the best of ways. Mix Pyrat Rum, Top Hat Ginger Beer, fresh lime juice, and Nelson’s Original Smoked Simple Syrup to create one of the most unique drinks to ever meet your tongue. It’s smoky, it’s refreshing, it’s incredible. It’s a drink you cannot miss out on. 
All in all, the Tiki Bar must be a main stop along your Desert Oasis adventure. And don’t forget, to “feed the clam” on your way out!