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Community Joins City Officials to Help Shape the Future of Indio

On September 19, 2017, the City of Indio invited the public to the General Plan Community Workshop at the Indio Senior Center, an event that aimed to gain insight into how local residents viewed the future of our city. Community members were asked their opinions on issues such as building heights, new park locations, transportation options, residential and retail locations, and open-space conservation. 

The event was designed to increase public input into the process of updating the General Plan, a policy document required by California State law that provides long-term planning guidance for civic issues such as land use, affordable housing, community services, and economic development. Community input was vital, since the document will be used as the city’s blueprint for future decision-making and development. “Smart growth and sustainability will be key to ensure we maintain the quality of life our residents and businesses expect,” said Indio Mayor Elaine Holmes. With over 80 community members present to share their feedback and vision for Indio’s future, it’s sure to be a bright one. 

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