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Play Ball Comes to Indio

PLAY BALL is coming to Indio on Saturday, May 13, 2017. The event will be held at the Davis Sports Complex located at 81300 Date Avenue in Indio. Activities will run from 10:00AM until 12:00PM. PLAY BALL is designed to encourage youths to participate in baseball and softball related activities. The event will be hosted by Tony Reagins, Sr. Vice President of Youth Programs for Major League Baseball and a native of Indio.  

PLAY BALL is a new MLB initiative to encourage widespread participation in all forms of baseball and softball activities among all age groups, especially youth. The new program highlights the variety of ways (both formally and informally) that baseball and softball can be played, including outside of the traditionally-organized leagues and tournaments, ranging from playing catch, stickball and kickball to participating in skills competitions like “Pitch, Hit & Run.” The initiative also provides players, parents and coaches with the information and resources to help with proper play and instruction.   

The PLAY BALL program is one of many activities that will be available to Indio youth throughout the coming months.  "The City of Indio has helped create an increasing number of options for community youth to engage in sports and recreational activities," says Mayor Elaine Holmes.  "With the on-going activity at the Indio Teen Center, Indio Community Center, and our many sports clubs and park programs, Indio is leading the way in providing a healthy and active lifestyle for our local kids." 
The Indio PLAY BALL event will welcome 300-400 Kids from the East Coachella Valley, ages 5 to 13, to run through fun-focused baseball stations designed to demonstrate the many fun, informal ways the game can be played. These activities will be conducted by select former Major League Baseball players. Activities will include a home run derby, running bases, bat & ball games and more. Attending kids will receive a hot dog, fun-style bat & ball set to take home as well as ‘PLAY BALL’ T-shirts and wristbands. This event is FREE to attend.  

For more information on this event please contact Tony Reagins by email at, or call 212-931-7632. For more information on the PLAY BALL program, please visit