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Road improvements in Indio

The Public Works Department has started a pavement rehabilitation plan that will renew pavement in all areas of the City within the next 10 years.  Depending on the condition of the street, one of three treatments may be done in order to repair and protect the driving surface.  We have already completed crack seal on over 5 million square feet of roadway.  This process fills cracks in the pavement in order to prevent moisture from getting to the subgrade where it will cause potholes.  On areas where crack seal has already been completed, we have started installing a rubberized slurry seal coating.  This coating protects the surface from oxidation and provides a new driving surface. Over 2 million square feet has been slurry sealed.  In areas that are in very poor condition, a process to either remove and replace the top 1 1/2" or the entire existing pavement is done and the roadway is replaced.  This is the most costly of the treatments and one of the goals of the ongoing pavement program is to prevent roads from needing the costly replacement--that is why you may see work being done on streets that you think are in better condition than other ones.  Once the pavement is rehabilitated by slurry seal or replacement, new striping that conforms to current transportation standards is being installed.

The total square footage of pavement in the City is 45 million so we are just getting started.  The plan is for up to 6 million square feet to be rehabilitated a year, so there will be a lot of construction on the streets and inevitable traffic delays and disruptions to your normal daily routines.  Please bear with us as we work towards completing this massive undertaking.