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Indio Crime Decreasing

2016 was a safer and more secure year to call Indio home. Safety being a major focus both the Indio Police Department and the City itself. In 2016 the Indio Police Department experienced a 12% overall reduction in crime compared to last year, and a 17% reduction from their five-year average. There was a 27% reduction in violent crime compared to last year, and a 13% reduction from their five-year average.

“The statistics are a testament to IPDs effectiveness as a police department.” Said Chief Washburn. “Despite having fewer resources than we would like, our commitment, collaborative community policing efforts, and competence in our respective roles have brought about very impressive results.” IPD continues to be on the cutting edge of modern policing and soon the community will see an increased social media presence brought about to increase trust, collaboration, and transparency to the community.

For more information contact: Indio Police PIO Sergeant Dan Marshall, Office (760) 541-4291