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Public Sewer Line Installation Along Avenue 40 and Varner Road has Begun

Access to all homes and businesses will be maintained at all times throughout the Project.

The City of Indio has begun mobilizing and preparing for the installation of a new sewer line to service the general area on Avenue 40 and Varner Road, between Adams Street and Jefferson Street.

Downing Construction, the contractor hired by the City to complete the work, will be installing the main sewer line over the next couple of months. The initial phase of construction will be along Avenue 40, with this phase ending approximately the first week of November 2016. The work will then continue along a north/south-running public easement area of land controlled by the Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) connecting to Varner Road. Work will then resume on Varner Road from mid-November to approximately the first week of December. The final phase of this project, which will include paving of the affected roads and other work as needed, will end mid/late-December 2016.

Potentially-affected residents and property owners in the area have been notified door-to-door, with additional notifications and contacts being made as needed throughout the project.

For more information, please contact Mariano Aguirre, at (760) 541-4261, or by e-mail at, or Patrick Hanify, at (909) 974-4971, or by e-mail at  

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