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Executive Assistant to the City Manager: Raising the curtain on a renewed city

A new sense of energy that started in City Hall now extends throughout Indio as our once sleepy city sets the stage for an exciting new act.

To most people, our city is only known as the home of Stagecoach and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. And despite being the largest city in the region, Indio was often seen as a quiet town in the East Valley. But those perceptions are quickly changing as our city awakens to see its true potential.

Today, there’s a new energy across the city. More people are moving here to call Indio home, and we see new stores and restaurants opening. Many business owners realize now is the time to invest in our city, when they can get in on the ground floor of something big, special and extraordinary.

There’s a renewed spirit among city workers as well. We are all on a mission to help residents and businesses grow and prosper. You will notice how we respect each other and enjoy being here. While the work can be challenging at times, we cultivate kindness and positivity with a little levity and fun. Our philosophy is to incorporate the “Three Ps” into everything we do: be Polite, Professional and Progressive.

Together, we are on our way to creating a city where there is always something to do, somewhere to eat, somewhere to gather, somewhere to play, somewhere to find a good job, and a place to call home at the end of the day.