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Director of Human Resources & Risk Management: A New Attitude Takes Center Stage

Change for the better can be seen all across Indio, including the new safety campus, expansion at College of the Desert and new businesses sprouting up across the community. The City is also shining the spotlight on one of our most valuable assests: our staff.

Creating a strong culture of excellence and appreciation helps the City attract and retain talented people and directly benefits the community through higher quality and more efficient services. With this exciting new act, our staff is better focused, able to complete a greater number of tasks and get the job done right.

The transformation to redefine cultural norms for all departments starts with staff at all levels reflecting three core principles:
· Polite
· Professional
· Progressive

Employees are the true stars of Indio, and our recognition programs celebrate both personal and professional successes. Employee lunches and other events demonstrate our sincere appreciation for a job well done. Prospective employees are now evaluated on their attitude as well as their skills, making sure new hires have emotional intelligence, collaboration skills, a passion for helping others and can make ethical and trustworthy decisions. Once hired, a robust onboarding program provides training and mentoring to ensure long-term success.

By investing in our employees, Indio will provide better service to our residents and businesses while becoming the best employer in the Coachella Valley.