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Second round of Small Business Assistance Grants received in Indio

Thanks to unanimous approval from the Indio City Council, a second round of funding was distributed to Indio businesses as part of its Small Business Emergency Assistance Program (SBEAP). This latest cycle of $425,000 was approved on Sept. 15, and eligible businesses and daycare providers received their checks in October.

In total, the City of Indio SBEAP awarded $995,000 to 109 small businesses impacted by COVID-19, including 19 daycare providers. The second cycle was intended to fund the remaining eligible storefront businesses and daycare providers from the initial spring application period.

“We realize this outreach may not help all those who suffered significant setbacks during the pandemic,” said Indio Mayor Elaine Holmes, “but the additional funding does further our efforts to support our small business community. We are glad to be able to fully fund all those who applied to the program.”

Storefront businesses received checks for $10,000, and eligible daycare providers received checks for $5,000.

McKneely’s Beauty Supply opened in Indio months before COVID hit. “Thank you very much. This makes me very happy. I appreciate it,” Mark McKneely said while picking up his check at Indio City Hall. “When COVID came, it was really, really bad. We were hurt. Really hurt, so this will help us out.” McKneely said he would use the money to buy supplies and merchandise he could not previously afford.

José Lua also received a check for the family-owned restaurant Soul of Mexico. "When we heard that we were getting a grant from the City of Indio, it was like, 'yes!' Little by little, everything helps."

Applications were considered on a first-come, first-served basis and business owners had to meet eligibility criteria such as being located in Indio, having a current business license, and proof of financial impact due to COVID-19. The additional funding was made available from Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds sourced through the American Rescue Plan Act.