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Reintroducing CVCT Collaborative

Once known as the Indio Youth Task Force, the CVCT Collaborative has served the greater Indio community since 1994, building community spirit, preventing gang activity and giving kids greater confidence in their futures.

Today, CVCT works with the Desert Recreation District (DRD) and Hope for Housing to run a non-stop after school program called The Kids Club. Thanks to funding from the City of Indio, the Kids Club at Desert Meadows apartment complex is now open and accepting applications for the after school program. The Desert Meadows complex currently houses over 40 families, with a total of 116 elementary and middle school youth.

Program activities include providing help with schoolwork, recreational activities, creative arts, and afterschool supervision. The funding CVCT received from the City of Indio will be used to seed the program over the next two years.

Earlier in the summer, DRD hosted an open house for all the families in the complex, which provided a great way for the families to meet DRD staff. All students received a free backpack filled with school supplies. The backpacks and supplies were funded by an in-kind contribution from a local area Walmart.

"CVCT is excited about this new Kids Club and the difference it will make for the youth at the Desert Meadows apartment complex in Indio," said Jaime Bikis, CVCT Collaborative President. Bikis added that CVCT is also looking at other locations in Indio where an afterschool Kids Club would benefit the youth population.

To learn more about CVCT Collaborative and how to donate or volunteer for their programs, visit