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New software streamlines records request process

GovQA is now live on the City of Indio's website

In an effort to enhance public transparency, the City of Indio recently went live with records request software GovQA. GovQA tracks public records requests across multiple departments, standardizes records processing, and helps fulfill requests in accordance with the Public Records Act and California Law.

The City of Indio receives about 350 public records requests in any given year—some exceedingly complex, necessitating hundreds of staff hours to process, organize and respond. Keeping track of the requests is also an involved process, utilizing multiple spreadsheet logs, e-folders, and many emails to and from internal departments, in addition to the requester.

GovQA allows the requester to submit a new public records request, track its progress and receive updates by email. The requester can then download electronic records and documents. In addition, the City is able to track and process public records requests all in one place. The system also provides a searchable archive of previously released requests and documents to enhance the City’s commitment to open, transparent, and cost-efficient delivery of great customer service.

“The City of Indio is committed to providing access to numerous resources, and GovQA will assist us in meeting this goal,” said City Clerk Administrator Sabdi Sanchez. “In addition, the software is designed to manage public records requests from start to finish, all in one hub and it is user-friendly for our citizens.”

The new Public Records Center can be accessed through the City of Indio website

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