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Literacy Programs with the Riverside County Library System

Riverside County Library System Adult Literacy Program provides FREE virtual adult reading and writing services to adults 16 years or older in our communities through one-on-one and group reading and writing tutoring, English Language classes and family literacy events. The RCLS programs provide literacy awareness, tools, and resources to adult learners, potential adult learners and their families. Many programs are available one-time, once-a-month, and 6-week workshops to engage learners and their families in literacy at different libraries and off-site locations throughout the Riverside County.

Depending on your needs and reading goals, we offer different programs to help,
One-on-one and group tutoring for adults
Family literacy programming
English Language classes
Career Online High School program
Walk-in tutoring hours

To see the current schedule of literacy classes available now, click here.

If someone you know needs reading and writing help, call (951) 685-6901 or email for more information about our adult literacy program, which is also available through your Indio Library!