My Foreclosed Property

The goal of the City of Indio through its Code Enforcement Program is to improve the overall condition of properties, to protect neighborhoods from declining property values, and to preserve the health, safety and welfare of our community. To accomplish this goal, the city is committed to working with, and educating all citizens, lenders, banks and people with vested interest in our community. 

As you are aware, the slumping economy and housing market has created a significant rise in bank foreclosures in California. The substantial increase in residential properties in default and foreclosure has also created a dramatic impact in the Indio housing market. 

Our city has taken a proactive lead, by adopting a Registration and Maintenance of Abandoned Properties Ordinance to address blight issues associated with abandoned and foreclosed homes. This ordinance will assist in our effort to eliminate blight and public nuisances caused by these homes. By doing this, we encourage banks, lenders, and property owners to work together to become “good neighbors” by maintaining their properties free from trash, dead lawns, green pools, and unsecured homes that attract criminal activity. 

Starting April 4, 2008 all banks and lenders are required to inspect homes prior to recording a “Notice of Default”. During this inspection, or at anytime you discover that a property is abandoned, you will be required to register that property with our office. In addition, for each of these abandoned properties, you are required to pay an initial $150 registration fee, and if the property stays abandoned for more than one year, a $100 renewal fee. Along with registering each abandoned property, you are required to hire a local property management company to oversee and maintain the property and post a sign identifying a 24-hour phone number for a responsible person who can be contacted in an emergency. Along with these requirements, you are required to record any change of ownership or transfer of title with the Riverside County Recorder’s Office, and with our office. 

We are requesting the assistance and cooperation of all banks and lenders to actively adhere to the requirements of this ordinance. If you have any questions or need clarification please contact our office at (760) 391-4123 or email To obtain a copy of the Registration and Maintenance of Abandoned Properties Ordinance or registration form, please go to:  


Indio Public Nuisance Ordinance
Indio Foreclosure Ordinance
Property Registration Form