General Billing

The City of Indio is now accepting online payments for General Bills due to the City. The online payment system is a secured system that requires the use of either a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card.


***Effective May 2nd, 2022, customers using credit/debit cards to pay for services will be charged a service fee payable to the City’s merchant service provider at the rate of 3.0% in addition to the cost of services. This is not a fee paid to the City. The credit card service fee will be reflected as a separate transaction on your credit card statement. As an alternative, checks and money orders are acceptable by mail or cash, check, and money orders in person at City facilities. Additionally, the City provides an option for e-check payments for a flat fee of $1.95, also payable to the City’s merchant service provider. Please select the e-check option at checkout if you wish to use this payment method.***