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The Indio Police Department provides the following phone and email directory as an alternate way to contact us. This directory is for the members of our community and other business related contacts. Please do not use this email address to solicit business or collectables.

All department employees have an email address which is assigned by their last name. For example, the Chief of Police is Mike Washburn and his email address is "". Below are some of the most common email address that might be encountered. If it is not listed and you wish to communicate with a department member about a business related manner, please contact that employee, or our office for the correct address.

Email Directory

Chief of Police

Mike Washburn

Chief's Administrative Assistant

Sherri Van Dorn

Field Services Division Commander

Johnny Romero

Community Outreach Unit (COU) Sergeant

Jeff Merritt

School Resource Officers - (COU)

Indio High School

Shadow Hills High School

Amistad High School

Middle Schools


Daniel Bojorquez

Joel Osmond

Jesus Gutierrez

Javier Romero

Traffic Services Unit (TSU) Sergeant

Jeff Merritt

Records Unit Supervisor

Erika Martinez

Office of Community Safety (OCS) / Police Administrative Officer

Ben Guitron

Code Enforcement Unit (CEU) Supervisor

Jason Anderson

Code Enforcement Unit (CEU) Officers

Greg Eastman
Carlos Vargas
Brenda Johnson
Jennifer Stroud

Sabrina Soltis

Rowena Cordova

Communications Unit / 911 Supervisor

Lori Brown

Professional Standards Unit / Background Investigation / Training Sergeant

Dan Marshall

Property Evidence Unit (PEU)

Dan Marshall

Kimberly Cessna

Nicole Melendez

Investigative Services Division Commander

Major Crimes Unit (MCU) Sergeant

Robert Nava

Major Crimes Unit (MCU) Detectives

Ed Gomez
Gabriel Ladanne
Robert Stroud
Peter Fuentes
Michelle Clarke
Jason Polanco
Jeremy Hellawell

Registrations (Sex, Gang, Drug, Arson)

Robert Nava

Street Crimes Unit (SCU) Detective Sergeant

Doug Haynes

Street Crimes Unit (SCU) Detectives

Leonardo Perafan
Matt Gutting
Gilbert Lopez
Sergio Ramirez

CV Auto Task Force/R.A.I.D


East PACT Unit / AB109 Realignment



Phone Directory

Report a Crime (emergency)


Report a Crime (non-emergency)

(760) 391-4051

Office of the Chief of Police

(760) 391-4035

Field Services Division Commander

(760) 391-4031

Community Outreach Unit (COU) Sergeant


Traffic Services Unit (TSU) Sergeant

(760) 391-4131

Support Services Commander

(760) 391-4118

Records Unit Supervisor


Records Unit

(760) 391-4057

Code Enforcement Unit (CEU) Supervisor


Code Enforcement Unit (CEU)

(760) 391-4123

Communications Unit Supervisor

(760) 391-4162

Communications Unit - Non Emergency

(760) 391-4051

Public Information Officer

(760) 541-4291

Property Evidence Unit

(760) 391-4124

Community Outreach Coordinator

(760) 391-4037

Volunteer Services Unit

(760) 391-4037

Investigative Services Commander

(760) 541-4305

Major Crimes Unit (MCU) Detective Sergeant

(760) 541-4378

Street Crimes Unit (SCU) Detective Sergeant


DEA Majors Task Force

(760) 323-8131

Coachella Valley Gang Task Force

(760) 345-2603

CV Narcotics Task Force

(760) 323-8134

CV Auto Task Force/R.A.I.D.

(760) 578-2889

East PACT Unit / AB109 Realignment


Department of Animal Services

(760) 343-3644